Choosing the Perfect Frame for Your Artwork


Here at Axle Homes, we think framing a piece of artwork requires a bit more thought. There are several things to consider when framing a piece; how to complement the art, whether to mat or not, and size. The simplest form of framing that we love is the timeless, thin frame (whatever finish you prefer) and a double or even triple mat size. This makes for an effortless look, but you accomplish a sophisticated and classic design by taking up as much surface area as possible as well as that white space we picked up in the heavy matting. When I say surface area… I’m talking about how much larger your artwork became when we added that mat. The idea behind this is that bigger is better. Be intentional about each frame you put on your wall in order to make them either a simple, well put-together piece or a statement piece that demands attention! Big, bold pieces help create that high-end design that we, at Axle Homes, love to create! So, you see now that it’s the whole combination of the frame, the potential need for a mat, and the artwork that really make the piece impressive. We won’t even get into the hanging just yet! 

So, to dive into some more detail, you start by considering your artwork. Your piece may be 4” x 6”, 16” x 20”, even 48” x 60” and everything in between, but when you look at your piece of artwork, imagine it on a larger scale. If your piece is not large to begin with, how you achieve this larger scale is through your mat size selection. This can be one of the most important elements in complementing your artwork and can add quite an impact. As we have been mentioning, the size of your mat can be a big deal, but so is the mat color if this is the route you’ve chosen to take. We normally go for some version of white… but sometimes a colored mat is even more striking. When choosing a mat color, take a look at what colors, textures and movement are in your artwork. Sometimes the best mat colors are the last color your eye sees in your artwork which makes things a little more interesting. There are plenty of versions where you don’t need a mat, and that is when Axle Homes prefers an already oversized piece. Here are a few examples we have pulled for you to see the differences! 

Now for the finishing touch: the frame. To compliment either your large matted artwork or your simply oversized artwork, we pick frames that reflect either the same design style or something contradictory from the piece. A large mat can either be finished off with a statement heavy duty frame or something thin and unexpected so as not to overwhelm the artwork. When we pick a frame style, we always go back to the artwork itself and the space it’s going in and ask ourselves how we want it to speak to the space. 

When it comes to framing artwork, go bold! Pick and choose where you want to be bold in framing your artwork. You can go with an oversized piece, no mat with a thin frame or a smaller piece, triple mat size with a huge ornate frame. We never shy away from taking a risk because in the end, the results of risks are what make us unique.


Andrea Kacsits