Who Is Axle?


Simply put, Axle Homes is an interior decorator. But truthfully, we are so much more. We are a collaborative piece of your puzzle to finding bliss. We foster a fierce passion for classic aesthetics but are not afraid to think outside the box to achieve a fresh, harmonious space. To us, the most important part of good design is listening. Our clients give us the tools to achieving great design by articulating their likes, dislikes, desires and aspirations. We allow the client to point us down the path and we take it from there.

    Our designs are balanced, luxurious, and completely unique. We believe that every space has beautiful bones that are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to be brought to life. We start by searching for areas where we can create interest whether that is architectural elements or key pieces that we can highlight. From there, we tailor each experience to be completely exclusive to the customer at hand. Our design process is multi-level but comes together in a beautiful way that showcases your personal taste in a luxe, fashionable feel.